Easing Lives Through Asset Management

  • Managing fixed assets can be tiring and cumbersome. Record keeping and traceability of thousands of physical assets dispersed across multiple locations can be challenging.

    Fortunately, there are softwares that enable you to digitize and automate the fixed asset management process for you or your organization. These softwares enable you to manage your assets remotely, can be customized as per your business requirements or processes and most of them are pocket friendly.

    Time and again it has been established that Physical audits of assets can be made simpler and faster with effective coordination between Management, Finance, IT and Auditors. This is why Asset management softwares focuses on addressing all asset tagging, tracking, transferring, allocating and auditing needs for the firm, thereby establishing communication and transparency between various departments.

  • These softwares have modules that enable end-to-end asset management:

  • * Physical Verification
  • * Asset Allotment to Employees
  • * Asset Transfer to Location or Cost Center or Project Transfer
  • * Depreciation calculation