Asset Service and Maintenance - Preventive, Calibration and Random

  • Ensuring Proper Health of your Assets, Remotely!

    Every organization has sensitive assets which need utmost maintenance and care to avoid operational and financial losses. Manual recording of maintenance data for medium and large organizations are costly in terms of man hours and most of the time not result oriented.

    Maintenance is something that is scheduled, whereas service is when you need something specific fixed or tuned up that is outside of your regular maintenance schedule. With Asset Management Software, scheduling maintenance or raising a service request is not a cumbersome task anymore.

    Service and maintenance of assets covers warranty, insurance and AMC on one part and preventive, corrective and random repairs on other parts. Maco Asset has systematized uploading and updating the required maintenance data for assets with facility of notifications to the concerned people and also the details on softwares dashboard describing due and overdue of maintenance schedules. In case of returns or servicing, a ticket can be generated. Preventive maintenance, which is maintenance after regular intervals and calibration maintenance, wherein machines or working of assets are checked after regular intervals becomes a piece of cake.

    Follow up procedures are in place to get the repair job completed in the required TAT. With features like these, one can ensure the proper health of their assets remotely.