Asset Allotment to Employees

  • Asset Allotment No More A Nightmare

    Hiring and onboarding of new employees is an exciting experience for most companies but it usually comes with the tedious task of allocating assets to employees. With Asset Management Software, asset allotment of the physical assets to the employees is a piece of cake.

    Not only is there a track of the asset that has been allotted to the employee, employees can add feedback about the condition of those assets. A track of items that have been returned by the employees is maintained. At the same time, reallocation of the assets is a minutes work.

    To maintain the transparency of the process, there is a provision to upload photos of the condition of the assets that employees receive or return. This module not only builds trust between the employees and the employers, but also aids in correcting inefficiencies in the allotment, re-allotment and returning process and at the same time control risks.